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High Mountain Foods

Vito Lombardo

High Mountain Foods does Farmers Markets and sells to Restaurants in New Jersey and New York. H.M.F. brings over 40 kinds of Gourmet Ravioli,Pasta and Eggplant Rollatini and Lasagna Rollets to Farmers Market .H.M.F. sells the World's Best Crab Cakes ,Stuffed Clams ,Cryovac Fish and Poultry.H.M.F. Sells Gourmet Italian Bread and Stuffed Breads.Try some of H.M.F. Fresh made Sauce or Mozzarella Cheese.Imported Cheese ,Pre-Made Dinners to Go ,Italian Products and Pirogies .Have fun at H.M.F. stand ,you will love our Products.

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